What is the environmental accounting housekeeping (EAH) book?

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What is the EAH book or 'Kankyo Kakeibo'?:

'Kankyo Kakeibo' in Japanese is very popular in Japan in the fields of environmental education. 'Kankyo Kakeibo' has been used for environmental education and dissemination especially on carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reduction against climate change. Kankyo means environment, and Kakeibo means accounting housekeeping books. There are many websites on 'Kankyo Kakeibo', mostly in Japanese. Google search with 'Kankyo Kakeibo' can lead you more than 12 thousands pages. Almost all the websites are only in Japanese. The concept of 'Kankyo Kakeibo' was developed by Associate Prof. T. Morioka (at that tme), Osaka University in 1980 (Tsuzuki and Yoneda, 2011, Journal of Hydrology). The first 'Kankyo Kakeibo' for CO2 emission reduction was prepared by Itabashi ward, Tokyo Metropolitan, in 1991. However, 'Kankyo Kakeibo' or Environment Accounting Housekeeping (EAH) books are still secret in other worlds with other languages than Japanese. The followings are only a part of the search results: